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Wet Pipe Sprinkler System

The Wet Pipe System is the simplest and most common type of fire sprinkler installation. This system employs automatic and closed-type sprinklers heads, which are connected to a water-filled piping system. The sprinklers contain either a heat-responsive glass bulb or fusible element that prohibits water from discharging from the sprinkler's orifice. The water is contained until such time as the heat from the fire activates the element, causing its release, allowing the water to discharge to the heat source.

Contrary to many perceptions of automatic sprinkler systems, in this type of system, the only sprinklers that will discharge water are those sprinklers who elements have been directly actuated by the fire. Wet systems are frequently installed in factories, warehouses, office buildings, retail stores and residences where the potential for freezing does not exist.